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Football betting is one of the most popular types of bets in the world. In this article, we will discuss the most complete types of bets that you may find on the various online gambling sites available. This article will discuss online sports betting using examples and screenshots of soccer betting (football/soccer) because this sport is the most popularly played. Some of these sports betting examples can also be used for other sports betting such as basketball and others as well.

Before we move on to the first discussion, it’s a good idea situs judi bola online to first know that the calculation of the online sports betting system (especially football) is divided into several parts. The division is generally into 2 things that are separated based on this explanation:

Dead ball vs road ball. Dead ball bets, also known as non-live bets, are bets placed/accepted before the match starts (kick-off). On the other hand, street ball, which we can see in the statement as “live”, is a bet that we place and the bookie accepts after the match starts.
Half time vs full time. This term is definitely not foreign to our ears. We can choose to place a bet based on the score in the first half only (half time, or sometimes called the first half), or place a bet based on the score in the 2X45 minute full time round. Normal bets only run maximum for 2X45 minutes + injury time. Overtime and penalty shootouts will not count, except for outright bets.
After knowing the basic principles above, it’s time for us to jump into discussing the various types of online gambling:

General football betting
SuperBola chose the term ” general soccer betting ” because this is the type of soccer bet that is mostly played by soccer betting players. The method of calculation, which is the simplest, must also be one of the reasons why many play this type of general soccer gambling. Even 4 of these 5 types of bets, can be accepted and accommodated directly by land bookies. You may also have made bets with friends or co-workers directly. What are the types of soccer betting in general?

Handicap (HDP)
You must have heard a saying with a pattern such as ” Arsenal divoor a quarter”, or ” Manchester United voted one and a half”. This is a type of soccer bet with a vooran which is also called a handicap bet .

Handicap ball gambling is the most commonly played ball betting system. The city will determine how many handicaps there are between the two competing teams, and we will choose based on the vooran market of the city, which team is the winner.

This type of handicap soccer bet applies to football, basketball, tennis, and several other types of sports betting.

Over/Under (O/U)
The over-under type of soccer bet is also the easiest soccer bet. From one match, we only need to guess how many total goals will occur from both teams, whether it will be more (over) or even less (under) than the total market given by the dealer.

It should also be remembered of course that for this type of bet, the maximum total goals calculated is from the 2X45 minute full time round. So the total goals that occurred in extra time or penalty shootouts (which were awarded because the score was even for both teams) will not be counted.

This type of bet also applies to basketball, tennis, and several other types of sports betting. Of course with different rules and markets.

This type of online soccer bet is the easiest to play too. The type of 1X2 soccer gambling can be explained briefly in just 3 words, namely: Home-Draw-Away. That’s right, in essence, we only have to guess at the end of the game whether the score will be:

Home (1)
Draw (X)
Away (2)
Because this match does not use a v ooran, the multiplication of the odds offered by the dealer varies. Odds will be very small for a big team that will obviously win against a small team. And conversely the multiplication of the odds will turn out to be very large for a poor team that is almost impossible to win.

For one reason or another, this type of 1X2 soccer betting only applies to soccer betting, not to other sports betting.

Correct Score
The easiest bet type to learn next is guessing the correct score . We have to guess exactly how many scores will come out. Score guesses can be for the correct score for the first half only, for the correct score for the second half, or for the correct score for the full time of 2X45 minutes.

Because this type of bet is quite difficult, we are given the option to place many correct score bets in 1 match. It feels like playing roulette by placing many numbers at once, but with the multiplication of different odds.

Mix Parlay
Of the five types of online soccer gambling that are commonly played, mix parlay soccer betting is the only one that land bookies cannot accept. This is because the parlay betting odds calculation system uses an automatic calculation system that land dealers cannot calculate manually.

The parlay bet itself, in contrast to the 4 previous discussions, is a combo bet or wholesale bet. We can put together the handicap of team A, plus the handicap of team C, plus the over/under of team E, plus the correct score and others, all at once in 1 bet list.