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Trading in Binance Futures Used by BotTrading in Binance Futures Used by Bot

Hello Traders, there are lots of trading styles that we can learn, one of which is automated trading using robots or bots. and in this article I will share how to trade on the Binance Futures derivative market using bots

you need to understand that by trading using bots like this, you will not be sure to profit. Of course, with this automated trading style, you are required to at least understand how to read price trends at certain time frames, and of course market conditions are different, some are bullish, some are bearish, sideways, these three types of markets require different types of bot settings.

Some Bots That Can Be Used on Binance Futures

There are several bots that I have used to trade on Binance Futures. because binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges, so we can find it easier to find bots that support this market.

Before installing the bot, of course you already have a binance futures account, for those who haven’t, you can read my previous article about the Guide to Starting Trading on Binance Futures

Okay, let’s just talk about 2 bots I’ve used on Binance.


this bot is quite popular, we can link this bot to some big markets like binance, bitmex, bybit etc. for the strategy we can take advantage of the crypto screening in tradingview to take a position. the features of this bot are also quite complete. but to perform automated trading in the futures market. we will be charged about $ 99 per month. You can directly check on the site


I have used this bot for almost 2 years, even this bot also supports local markets such as Indodax . available strategies such as Grid Trading. This strategy is suitable for markets with Sideaways and Bullish conditions on the spot market, for those who are interested in using this bot on Indodax, you can see how HERE

Update June 2020, Bituniverse bot already supports Binance Futures, and the leverage can be set to a maximum of 10x. of course this is very interesting to try, moreover all the features available in this bot are all free.

Setting BitUniverse for Trading Binance Futures.

Buat Akun Binance Futures
Create a Bituniverse Account

Log in to your Binance Account Profile and select the API Management menu

After that, Create API (free label)

Up here you have got the Fire Key Code and Secret Key . you can save it in notepad first. make sure it is saved as it only appears once. after that the last step don’t forget to activate futures trading on the fire and save it.

Now we enter Bituniverse

After registering, add an exchange by clicking the + button then select binance, there you will be asked to enter the API Key and Secret Key, just enter the one you got from binance earlier.

At this point, your setup should be complete. now just go to the Exchange menu -> Bot, now there you can choose to play in the spot market or in the futures.

Actually there are lots of other bot providers such as gunbot, trade santa, but I’ve never tried them all, so what I’m reviewing this time is only one of the bots I’ve used.

Okay, so first our discussion this time, in the future I might give tips on setting bots in the futures market. so stay tuned. keep visiting and don’t forget to follow us on social media, you can see the link below this site.

For more details, you can watch the video below