Slot 303 Stus Judi Slot Judi Online Guide to Reading and Calculating Kei in Football Betting

Guide to Reading and Calculating Kei in Football Betting

Guide to Reading and Calculating Kei in Football Betting

Before you start playing soccer gambling, it’s a good idea to recognize this one term. Kei or Odds can also be said as the value of the bet, a value which will then be multiplied by your bet capital to be used as winning money when your guess is right. This article is important to know because calculating kei/odds is the basis of soccer betting. Not all Kei with the greatest value are the most profitable bets, therefore reading Kei is an important point before starting to play. Let’s just talk about what is Kei?

How to Read Kei or Odds
You need to know that Kei/Odds are divided sbobet88 casino into 2 types, the first is Kei plus (+) and the second is Kei minus (-). Both give different values, where Kei plus will only affect the calculation if you win or plus (+) and Kei minus will only affect the calculation if you lose or minus (-).

On the SBOBET soccer agent platform , if you bet on a bet with Kei minus, and then you win the bet, the calculation of your winnings will not be affected. Vice versa if you bet on a bet with Kei plus, then you lose the bet then the results to be paid will also not be affected by Kei. But it’s different if you bet on Kei plus then win and vice versa, see the example below for more.

If you bet Kei plus then you win then your winning money will be worth more
If you bet Kei minus then you lose then you have to pay more losses
The image above is an example of a match market. Notice the red box.

1.01, 1.23, 1.42 = Kei Plus
-1.08, -1.35, -1.58 = Kei Minus
Let’s also learn how to calculate it:

Bet 100,000 on Home HDP 0-0.5 (read quarter fur) and Kei plus 1.01 and win
Then you will get: 1.01 x 100.00 = 101.000
Bet 100,000 on Away HDP 0-0.5 (gives a quarter fur) and Kei minus -1.08 and lose
Then you have to pay the amount: -1.08 x 100,000 = -108,000
Bet 100,000 on Home HDP 0.50 (half furred) and Kei minus -1.35 and win
Then you will get: 100,000
Bet 100,000 on Away HDP 0.50 (gives half fur) and Kei plus 1.23 and lose
Then you have to pay worth: 100,000
Types of Odds/Kei
Odds/Kei itself consists of 5 types, there are Odds Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, America/United States and Dec/Decimal. Let’s discuss each of these types one by one.

1. Odds Indonesia
Odds Indonesia is one of the easiest Kei to learn. The black number means Kei plus, while the red number is Kei minus. How to count and read it the same as the explanation above.

2. Odds Hongkong
Hong Kong odds are inversely proportional to Indonesia. In bets that use Hong Kong Odds, kei will always be minus and count when we win. If we bet 100.00 on Kei 0.92 in the English league match, when we lose we will pay 100,000, and when we win we only get 92,000.

3. Odds Malaysia/MY
At Malaysian odds we will not get more money if we win, because the average Malaysian kei market is charged to the winning team. And for teams that are not seeded the difference is not too significant.

4. Odds United States/US
US Odds are calculated the same as Indonesian Odds, but using percent (%). For example, you bet 100 on Manchester United at Odds 105, then the calculation is 100 x 105% = 105,000

5. Odds Desimal/Dec
Decimal odds value must be subtracted by 1 and then multiplied. An example of Decimal Odds is, you bet 100,000 on Manchester United and the odds are 1.95. Then the calculation is 100,000 x (1.95-1) = 100,000 x 0.95 = 95,000

Now from the YukBola team’s explanation above, you should be ready to bet now, if something is still unclear, maybe an article on how to play can provide a more detailed and easy-to-understand answer. Reading Kei does require a bit of reading. Now is the time for you to register with YukBola and try to apply your new knowledge, or maybe you still need a little guide for betting, just click here. Happy betting!