Slot 303 Stus Judi Slot Judi Online History of Online Soccer Gambling

History of Online Soccer Gambling

Online soccer betting came not long after the emergence of official online live casino gambling in 1994. Historically, Intertops was the first sports betting site in the world which was launched in 1996. After that, many other online sports betting sites began to appear.

This is influenced by the large number of requests from gamblers around the world so that the online soccer gambling industry is growing rapidly. A number of new companies were formed to enter the market, and most existing conventional bookies opened web-based operations to complement their years of business.

Like online casinos, company competition in the online soccer gambling industry is also very competitive. Even a number of online soccer gambling websites are willing to offer big bonuses and free bets to new members as a way to attract more gamblers to join their sites.

To make it look different from competitor sites, some soccer betting agent sites introduce new ways and forms of promotion that have never existed before. For example, the opportunity increase feature, cashback bonus promos, to the addition of nominal bet variations.

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Types of Online Football Gambling Games

There are many types of online soccer gambling games or soccer betting markets available. However, the most common and popular among football gamblers from all over the world are Three-way Moneyline or 1×2, Double Chance, Over/Under, Draw No Bet, Handicap, and many more. Here are 7 lists of famous online soccer gambling markets:

1. Three-way Moneyline
Three-way moneyline or “three-way money line” betting breaks football match bets into only three choices, namely Team A wins, Team B wins, or the match ends in a draw. In this online soccer gambling market, you simply choose which match result is most likely to occur and bet on that choice. “Three-way Moneyline” betting is also known as “1×2” betting, where 1 refers to the home team’s win, X to the draw, and 2 to the away team’s win.

2. Double Chance
While in Three-way Moneyline you are only allowed to bet on one of the three possible outcomes, in Double Chance you are allowed to bet on two possible outcomes. That’s why the name of this type of online soccer gambling is called Double Chance or double chance. For example, on Double Chance, you can bet on “Team A wins or draws”, “Team B wins or draws”, or “Team A wins or Team B wins”. Later, each of these options will pay out differently depending on the actual level of the Three-way Moneyline betting odds.

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3. Mix Parlay
Mix Parlay is a type of bet in online soccer gambling that can provide large winning prizes but is also high risk.
You see, the betting system on Mix Parlay is that you bet for a minimum of two or more teams/matches in different sports. For example, football and basketball.

Mix Parlay bets are commonly done by gamblers who like to bet on various sports. The types of Mix Parlay bets vary depending on the number of sports choices available in them.

Mix Parlay is a popular type of online soccer gambling bet because it pays more but is also high risk. The reason is because the conditions for winning in Mix Parlay bets are quite difficult, namely all of your betting choices must win simultaneously. So if you bet on Team A’s win on a football match, and Team B’s win on a basketball match, then both teams must win both for you to win in a Mix Parlay bet.

On the other hand, if one or more of your choices lose, for example, only soccer team A wins while basketball team B loses, then you automatically lose the bet.

So far, there are three tips for playing Mix Parlay to win bets. First, make sure you choose an online soccer gambling site that uses a reliable Sportbook provider. Especially sportsbooks that provide some sort of guarantee, have good odds rates, and pay out on time. For example, Slot258 is a trusted 2022 online soccer gambling site that only uses two world-class official SPORTBOOK providers, namely SBOBET and the SABA Platform.

4. Draw No Bet
Next there is the type of online soccer gambling game Draw No Bet . As the name implies, this bet type eliminates the option to bet on a draw. In Draw No Bet betting, you can only bet on one team to win the match. If your team wins the game, you win. If both teams end in a draw or draw, then bets will be considered void and your stake will be refunded. What if your team loses? Obviously, you lose because you lose the bet.

5. Handicap
Handicap is simply a type of online soccer bet that uses a voor or pur system. This type of bet is generally used specifically in football matches between two teams that are considered unequal. So to balance it, the handicap system provides an additional virtual advantage to the weak team, and provides a virtual disadvantage to the stronger team. The virtual gain/loss in question is in the form of adding/deducting points (goals).

For example, you bet on the match between West Ham and Liverpool. If the bookmaker states that this bet is a 1.25 handicap, then something like this will be the result:

West Ham (+1.25) vs Liverpool (-1.25)

West Ham started the game with a 1.25 goal advantage over their opponents.
If you bet on Liverpool team they need to score at least two goals for you to win the bet (assuming West Ham don’t score at all)
If you bet on West Ham team win then at least they have to win the game, get a draw or concede only one goal for you to win the bet

6. HT/FT
HT/FT or Half Time/Full Time is an online soccer betting market that breaks the match into two parts, namely half-time (first half) and full-time (second half). You can choose to bet on the first half only, the second half only, or the first half and the second half at once but are scored separately. If you choose the last betting option, then you must ensure that your predictions for the results of your matches in each round are correct so that you win the bet.

7. Over/Under (O/U)
This is a type of online soccer bet that guesses whether the total goals of all teams are above or below the number provided by the Sportbook. For example, the Sportbook states an O/U bet of 3, then you select Over. If so, then the final football result must have more than 3 total goals for you to win. Conversely, if the total goals scored are less than three, then you lose because you lost the bet.

In addition to the seven most popular online soccer betting markets above, there are actually many other types of bets such as the O/U Corners Market, O/U Cards Market, Both Teams to Score, Total Team Goals, and others. Before placing a bet, it is recommended that you join as a member on the best online soccer betting prediction site Slot258 to increase your chances of winning soccer gambling every time.