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How Bot Games Work on Real Money Poker

It cannot be denied that there are a number of Real Money Poker sites that still have players from the robot side. Where its presence, better known by the name or term Bot, will be very detrimental to bettors. Because his existence wins the game more often than he loses.

To avoid that from happening, bettors must know how the bot itself works. That way it will be very easy to be able to make the bot lose your game. Here’s how the bot game works that you should know for sure.

  • If there are players who often win

If you find a Real Money Poker player who keeps winning and only occasionally loses, then you can be sure it is a bot and not a player jokerwin123. In this case it’s better you don’t have to play to avoid losing. Because usually bots will always win and rarely lose.

  • If bluffing players are not afraid

The bluffing technique will always be used by bettors to outwit their opponents. Usually this technique will make the opponent play trepidation, because the cards they have are definitely better. But it will be different if you apply bluffing to the bot, because the bot will not be afraid and even seem indifferent.

It’s the same as applying bluffing to beginner bettors. However, novice bettors do not understand this technique. While bots are not afraid and afraid if there are players who apply the bluffing.

  • Fold when the opponent has a strong card

If a player folds even though the cards you have as your opponent are strong, then it is a bot and not a player. The bot itself is designed to always win the game, so the bot won’t bother with things like the opponent has a strong card.

Even the bot already knows the type and value of the card you are holding. Therefore, it is very rare for bots to lose, especially in the Real Money Poker game . If you see the way it works, then you can be sure that you are fighting bots in the Real Money Poker game . If something like that happens then, you better back off and stop playing. Because you will definitely lose and end up in losses that any bettor doesn’t want.