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Knowing the Meaning of the Football Betting Handicap

Knowing the Meaning of the Football Betting Handicap

Handicap (HDP) is sometimes misspelled as “handicap” or “handicap”, which are terms in soccer betting. In fact, not only in football, but also in all types of sports where the betting market is open. Be it basketball, badminton situs alternatif sbobet, horse racing, racing, motorcycle, golf, tennis, futsal, cricket, hockey, etc. So what does this handicap mean and how is it calculated? We will explain below.

Meaning of Football Betting Handicap
Handicap actually means imbalance or advantage (advantage). What does it mean? This means that one of the competitors has obtained a more favorable position. For example, the club Juventus against Cagliari. We are very clear that the position of Juventus far exceeds Cagliari. The intensity of competition between the two clubs is not balanced. Because of this imbalance, of course, it is impossible for this party betting market to not have voor, kei and so on. This imbalance eventually gave rise to the term “barrier”.

So why is it said that being close is an advantage? Obviously there is an advantage here, a non-seeded club like the example above (Cagliari) has more support. For example, +1, +1.5, etc. Therefore, if we hold Cagliari, it means that we benefit first. In theory, Cagliari scored 1 goal or 1.5 goals against Juventus. However, that does not mean if we fight Cagliari, we will definitely win. If Juve’s final score is 2-0 or 3-1, Cagliari will automatically lose. Come and understand?


So the handicap is an indicator of the imbalance or advantage that exists on the football betting market . This handicap applies to all types of bets available in the betting menu. Everyone has an advantageous position, be it under over, full-time 1×2, special, etc.

Various Handicaps
The football market around the world generally recognizes two types of barriers. It boils down to these two types. Football betting first appeared in Europe and then expanded to Asia and other parts of the world. So there is such a thing as the Asian barrier. There are several types of odds automatically, such as Hong Kong, Malaysia (Malay), United States, Indonesia (India), Europe, etc. However, below we will explain that there are only 2 initial benchmarks:

European Handicap (Europe Handicap)

Handicap Asia (Asian Handicap)

European Handicap is a handicap, We only bet on the following positions: home-draw-away. This applies to all standard betting menus. In other words, there are three choices: Host (Home), Draw or Away (Guest). Just choose. Very easy, right? Each choice has its own probability calculation. Usually, the unseeded club will definitely get a smaller win, and the unseeded club will get a bigger win value.

Asian handicaps are a little different. Here, we are not betting on the home-draw-away position. We only bet on home and away positions. Therefore, even if both clubs are considered equally strong, there may be an option for a draw and no wagering requirement for a draw. However, the market always has many advantages and disadvantages (+ -). So what if a series happens? Even if the final result of the match score is a draw (0-0) or (1-1), we can still win or lose. Can win a quarter (0.25), win all or even lose a quarter (0.25) or lose all. Because Asian handicaps have +/- (plus or minus).

First choice for Asian market

Because the Asian handicap provides an unbalanced initial profit position, this handicap automatically spreads to all parts of the world, even Europe, the United States, Australia and other places are also favored by many bettors. Once the handicap is exposed, bettors can decide where they want to bet. It’s just a matter of choice, because there are advantages and disadvantages.

If we play in Indonesia, we automatically enter the Asian zone, so we use the Asian handicap. So there are already voor values, namely: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.25, 1.5, and so on. Even if the final result is a draw, bettors can still win or lose. It depends on how we choose it. Hope this is understandable.

Conclusion: Handicap relates to how to interpret the market. Asian handicaps are more popular because they provide both positive and negative positions for bettors. What is important is how to choose, which relates to predicting accurate ball scores.